Our Process

From concept, to design, to development to testing and deployment, iGlitz always keep in close touch with our clients and keep them involved in the entire process.

Phase 1: Consultation & Design
  • We gather and established all of your requirements. Once we gain an understanding of these, we proceed to recommend and design your Web solution.
  • The overall visual look and layout is composed and established.
  • iGlitz drafts a proposal that describes the various features and structure of your Web solution along with all other relevant information. We include a full cost estimate and time schedule
  • Once approved by you, our client, we move on to evolving the design, taking into account any client feedback.
  • We then move on to the development phase.
Phase 2: Development
  • The various pages and components of your Web site are constructed based on the Design.
  • While we are building, the site is published to a temporary location, not in public view. This allows you to monitor the progress and give feedback if you wish.
  • We advise you when the site is completed, at which point it can be fully reviewed.
  • Upon approval, we move to the Testing and Implementation Phase.
Phase 3: Testing & Implementation
  • The Web site components are published to the Web server and fully tested for proper functionality, verification and link validation.
  • Upon approval, your Web site solution goes live and becomes accessible to the general public.

NOTE: This by no means is an exhaustive description of our development process. It does however reflect a summary of the main points of our methodology. Naturally the details of our development process are driven by the complexity of your particular Web solution and requirements. Consequently, the more complex the requirements, the more detailed the various phases become. For highly advanced Web solutions, iGlitz submits to our clients, a fully detailed Design Specification Document for your review and approval prior to any significant development being done on the Web solution itself.

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I am genuinely impressed with your response time and the vast range of software development services you offer. Wish to work with you soon again. Keep up the good work Ken guys. Cheers…!!!

Ramesh Shanmugam
Founder & CEO, Beselling.com

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