Software Development

iGlitz’s offshore software development services are intended to serve businesses that are software outsourcing development and programming to India. By judicious blend of Business analysis & Management with latest technology, iGlitz develops state-of-the-art and custom software & web based applications. iGlitz solutions enable reduction in the time and resources spent for a business process to take place for the clients, and serve to eliminate functional bottlenecks.

We offer complete end-to-end and cost-effective offshore software development solutions in the most advanced Internet projects including web application and design to customers from the small and medium enterprise. With a complete spectrum of services on offer (high-traffic scalable B2B and B2C web solutions, advanced e-commerce solutions, dynamic web sites) we are able to take care of offshore IT projects from A -Z.

Top-Quality Custom Application Development Services.

How We Work


An iterative development model that works best for fast-moving projects with vaguely defined and likely-to-change requirements.


A classic, linear approach to development suitable for projects with a clearly defined scope, budget, and timeline.

How can we help you?

Grow your Business, outdo your competitors, give your Business a Website

Our Services Include:

  • Technology research and selection
  • Software design
  • Specification and mock-ups
  • Prototyping and development
  • Component design and integration
  • QA and testing
  • Performance engineering
  • Customization and enhancement
  • Deployment
  • Support and maintenance
  • Porting and migration

Our Differentiators

IPR Protection

We take your intellectual property rights very seriously. To make sure your ideas stay yours, we sign a strict NDA from day one to secure your exclusive ownership of the codebase and other deliverables.

Best-in-Class R&D Unit

Our team of results-driven R&D experts will support you at any point during the product development cycle. Whether you face a strategic pivot or hit a roadblock — we’ve got you covered all the way.

Rock-Solid Guarantee

Every contract includes guarantee clauses to ensure that we complete your project on time and on budget. You will also get a 6-month warranty obliging us to fix major and critical defects discovered upon project completion.

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